22 Sept 2023
One Paper accepted by Neurips 2023

1 Aug 2023
Thrilled to start Ph.D journel in AIH group at CUHK !

Yimin Fan 

Ph.D student

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Room 122, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong SAR, PRC

Email: fanyimin at

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I am an CS Ph.D student @ CUHK starting Aug 2023, supervised by Prof.Yu Li.

I obtained B.Eng in Artificial Intelligence and information security in the University of Science and Technology of China. I am affiliated with the School of the Gifted Young, which originates from the first undergraduate program for special young talents in China.

My research interests include Foundation Models for Science (esp. Biology and Healthcare) and Large Language Models (LLM) .


LLM Evaluating Neuron Interpretation Methods of NLP Models (pdf)
Yimin Fan, Fahim Dalvi, Nadir Durrani and Hassan Sajjad
NeurIPS 2023
LLM Discovering Representation Sprachbund For Multilingual Pre-Training (pdf)
Yimin Fan, Yaobo Liang, Alexandre Muzio, Hany Hassan, Houqiang Li, Ming Zhou, Nan Duan.
Findings of EMNLP 2021
LLM Revisiting Language Models as Knowledge Resource(pdf)
Yimin Fan, Nan Duan, Houqiang Li and Ming Zhou
Others Enhance the performance of navigation: A two-stage machine learning approach(pdf)
Yimin Fan, Zhiyuan Wang, Yuanpeng Lin, Haisheng Tan.
2020 6th International Conference on Big Data Computing and Communications (BIGCOM)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ph.D student in Computer Science                   Aug 2023 - , Hong Kong SAR, China
Advisor: Prof.Yu Li
University of Science and Technology of China
Master student in Electrical Engineering                   Sep 2021 - May 2023, Hefei, Anhui, China
Voluntary withdrawn
University of Science and Technology of China
Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence and Information Security                   Sep 2017 - June 2021, Hefei, Anhui, China
Advisor: Prof. Nan Duan and Prof. Houqiang Li


Visiting Student, AI for Science team, Shanghai AI Lab, May. 2023 - Sept. 2023
Research Assistant, McGill University, Sept. 2022 - May. 2023
Research Intern, Microsoft Research Asia, Natural Language Computing Group, Sept. 2020 - Mar. 2022
Research and Development Intern (Remote), Qatar Computing Research Institute, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) , Mar 2022 - Mar 2023
Research Assistant, Linke Lab, University of Science and Technology of China, Nov.2019— Mar.2020

Professional Activities

Journal/Conference Review:
Program Chair, EMNLP 2022
Program Chair, EMNLP 2021
National Scholarship in China, 2018,2019,2020
Anhui Province Outstanding Graduate 2021
USTC Outstanding Graduate 2021
Deecamp AI competition by Sinovation Ventures, Third place in the Finance Track 2020
Neural Network Intelligence (NNI) by MSRA, Outstanding Project 2020
Anhui Province Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, First Prize 2019
National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Second Prize 2019
The fifth national university student entrepreneur training summer camp, Second prize 2019
National University students Mathematics Competition, First prize(Anhui), 2018
Teaching Assistant:
Introduction to Blockchain Technologies and Applications 2023@CUHK
Numerical Methods B 2019 @USTC
Signals and Systems 2020 @USTC
Popular science:
Popular AI science blogger, Xixiaoyao (One of the authors of the most influential Chinese NLP self-media)
Popular science book author, Hanci Liang, Zhehao Li, Yimin Fan. The common practices in the Future: Artificial Intelligence (in Chinese)
(an AI book edited by Beauty of Science for students in elementary schools in Anhui Province in China)
Summer Schools / Workshops / Exchange Programs:
ByteCamp 2022, Bytedance, 2022
Sakura Science exchange program, Cathay Tri-Tech.,inc. 2019